Top Posts of 2018

2018 has been quite a ride for nonprofits.  Nonprofit leaders face growing challenges while funding is not keeping pace.  Organizations of all sizes struggle with serious issues that threaten their ability to achieve their missions.

The Not for Profit Beyond the Numbers blog was designed to aid leaders in dealing with these challenges.  Posts here are designed to inform and start discussions by sharing experience, practices and ideas aimed at improving nonprofits’ viability and relevance.

This year’s posts cover many areas of nonprofit leadership, generated incredible conversations and established some great new relationships.  Below are some of the most viewed, shared and discussed posts from 2018.

On a personal note, I remain honored and humbled by the nonprofit leaders, staffs and volunteers I have had the opportunity to work with.  Your dedication inspires me, and I hope I can continue to find ways to make your efforts a bit easier.

Top Posts

Strategic Partnerships

As client needs and funder requirements increase, many nonprofits are having a tough time building the capabilities to keep up.  Partnering with other nonprofit or for-profit organizations has generally been an alternative that nonprofits tend to avoid, but those days are over.  This post from June, Overcoming Nonprofits’ Fear of Strategic Partnerships, presents some important benefits nonprofits can find in partnerships.

Finding Board Candidates

A nonprofit organization is only as good as its Board and issues with Board engagement and Diversity have been in the news often in 2018.  This post from February, 5 Great Places to Look for Board Member Pipeline, provides several nontraditional sources for Board candidates.

Cash Flow Concerns

As a surprise for me, one post addressing a financial issue was one of the most shared posts on LinkedIn this year. The Nonprofit Cash Flow Cliff discussed ways to address one of the most common issues for nonprofits.

Nonprofit Networking

For a change of pace in August I posted my first list blog, 25 Massive Nonprofit Networking Benefits.  This post provided reasons why nonprofit leaders need to be actively networking with peers and others.  The post earned a spot on the Nonprofit Law blog’s tweets of the week.


One post that generated a lot of discussion across platforms was from March.  Don’t Let an Ethics Issue Cripple Your Nonprofit provided insights on how to prepare for, avoid and/or deal with ethics issues. 

Fiscal Sustainability

In addition to the blog, I have produced a number of articles, blogs and podcasts this year, but one stood out.  A Guide to Nonprofit Fiscal Sustainability, was published in the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, Spring 2018.  The feature summarizes my overall approach to assessing nonprofit leadership and the how to help organizations attain long-term viability and relevance.

A Look Ahead

At the very end of 2017, the blog post 7 Hot Nonprofit Topics was published. It quickly gained one of the highest number of hits on the website and views on LinkedIn.  I am hoping for a similar response to the ‘Hot Nonprofit Topics for 2019’ post, coming soon.

Bottom Line

To close this out I want to recognize the folks who follow the blog, those who comment or share and in particular those who take the time to reach out to me to discuss their nonprofit leadership issues and experiences.  You all make the time and effort worthwhile.

Thank You! –mike