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As a Senior Finance and Operations Executive, I provide finance and operational leadership that goes beyond the numbers to optimize the organization’s people, processes, and performance. Those who have worked with me will tell you that I deliver a unique, mission-focused, continuous improvement and cost control mindset built on progressive experience in for-profit enterprises and in the nonprofit sector. I’ve leveraged this experience to craft and execute business strategies, build and improve operations, execute enterprise-level systems projects, grow revenue and champion cost and process efficiency.

In the Not for Profit sector my number one goal is to foster an understanding and commitment to fiscal sustainability, assuring organizations’ long-term viability and relevance.

I am currently providing consulting services to Not For Profit and For Profit organizations in the areas of; Strategic Plan Development and Execution, Board Practices, Operations & Finance Enhancement, Systems Implementation and Change Management.  In addition I provide executive coaching, specializing in areas of; leadership skills development, transitions, new or future leaders and Board relations.  A schedule of services provided is available via the following link:  MFCCoach, LLC.  Schedule of Services

When I am not busy helping organizations, I support the accounting profession by volunteering for the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs. I serve on the By-laws and Not For Profit Committees and as the Not for Profit and Government Accounting Column Coordinator for the Pennsylvania CPA Journal. In addition, I am a member of the AICPA’s Not for Profit section.  See more of the organizations that matter to me on the Links page.

About this blog

After working in For Profit companies for much of my career, I made the transition to the NFP sector and I was hooked!  The sector presents opportunities to do important work, with good people all while making the world a better place.  I have been amazed at the small (and large) miracles performed in this sector every day.  And the people, well, they are simply the best.  This blog will offer assistance, support, advice and be a forum for open dialog, all to hopefully help folks perform their good works and accomplish their missions.

While the blog is nonprofit focused, many topics will apply or will be easily translated to a for profit organization.


Please share your thoughts and experiences, via comments either here on on LinkedIn where many of these articles are also published.

Thanks, –mike