What is Not for Profit Leadership Beyond the Numbers?

It is a way to look at a NFP’s performance in terms not limited to dollars and cents. Beyond the Numbers is a broader perspective, taking into account the NFP’s mission, now and in the longer term. It is fiscal viability, which is the NFP’s capacity to be viable and relevant for the foreseeable future.  It represents a strength metric on the leadership capabilities residing in the NFP today, but also the capacity for future leader development. Beyond the Numbers is strategy and culture, reputation and preparedness; it is conscious decision-making based on honest self-assessment and diligent understanding of the NFP’s environment. All of these components are what makes is possible for NFP’s to successfully deliver their mission, reliably, for those we serve.

What is the Not for Profit Beyond the Numbers blog?

It is a series of articles that discusses best practices across the spectrum of NFP leadership.  No topics are out of bounds, so at times, the gloves may come off on a tough issue.  The NFP sector needs to change.  After years of hard work, there are still countless NFP organizations that are failing to sustainably meet their mission.  Significant issues, such as staff burnout, continue to plague NFPs, while many still face serious concerns about equity in leadership/Boards and fair compensation.  And there are some issues that are about the Numbers, such as; lack of diversity in funding sources and the inability to recover administrative costs. These are problems that continue to cause crises for otherwise healthy NFP’s.

This blog is my attempt to provide a place for respectful discourse on the serious issues facing the sector.  It is a place to share best practices gained from years of experience (mine and many others).  The website is dedicated to pondering challenges, victories and lessons learned from defeats.  Putting the blog together is a labor of love, for the people of a sector that works so to do such good for so many.

This is a place for learning, which is seldom done without a bit of controversy. However, via respectful discourse, we can all gain from the journey. Please participate!

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