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Michael F Cade, CPA, CGMA

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Helping nonprofit organizations attain long-term viability and relevance is my passion. I provide cross-functional C-Suite level advisory services and over 17 years of executive coaching experience to organizations and leaders interested in forging a fiscally sustainable future. As an independent advisor and coach, I have the flexibility to tailor any engagement to fit the needs of the client.  Through my network of colleagues, I can also bring additional resources onto projects, as required.

Leadership Pathfinder

The true value of advisory and coaching services comes from helping organizations and leaders find their specific paths to success.  We all have experienced consulting engagements where folks in suits walk around, hold a bunch of meetings, ask some questions from a checklist, go away for a while and return with a series of recommendations in a pretty presentation.  In those instances, management then typically cherry picks the cheapest recommendations to implement and eventually moves onto the next initiative.  The problem is that the client organization does not learn how to address future issues themselves.

I prefer a model that helps leaders identify issues and generate solutions themselves.  This allows them to tap into the knowledge bases of myself and my colleagues, while starting them on the path to building that capability within their organization. The goal is to move toward self-sufficiency via organizational learning and development.  This method ensures the solutions can be implemented without disruption to the organization’s mission.

Value does not come from the answer, it comes from having the ability to find the answer.

Schedule of Services

Schedule includes services available, but is not comprehensive as engagements seldom fit neatly into categories.  Use the Not for Profit, Beyond the Numbers blog as an additional indicator of topics available for advisory support and contact me with any questions.

Printable version of Schedule of Services:   MFCCoach Schedule of services


Advisory Services


  • Strategy Design & Execution:
    • Transform vision into strategy and then craft actionable, properly managed and resourced initiatives to enact the plan
  • Fiscal Sustainability Assessment:
    • Guide organization through a review of its long-term viability and relevance. Produce prioritized areas of concern and initiatives to address most pressing issues.  Utilizes the Fiscal Sustainability Framework.

Board Optimization

  • Board Development:
    • Build the Board strategy; including roles and responsibilities, committee structures, advisory or non-voting Boards, succession planning and performance assessments for Board, committee and members
  • Board Mechanics:
    • Conduct review of corporate documents and establish or improve Board practices, such as; onboarding, training, meeting effectiveness and Board / staff relations


  • Financial Assessments:
    • Provide analysis for major project decision-making, perform due diligence, review program margin and portfolio performance, design actionable performance metrics, establish overhead and reserve strategies, assess unrelated business income and entity structuring
  • Operations Support:
    • Instill strong practices in procurement, pricing and grant proposals, review Form 990 and other reporting requirements, explore capital financing alternatives, identify process and cost efficiencies and optimize earned income opportunities
  • Enterprise Systems:
    • Review current systems, develop enterprise systems strategy, identify requirements, provide procurement support and implementation planning and oversight


Executive Coaching Services

Provide one-on-one support to organization leaders, future leaders and Board members, specializing in the following areas;

  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Embracing Transitions and Change
  • Preparing New and Future Leaders
  • Board / Executive Director and Staff Relations
  • Chair / Executive Director Partnership
  • Intra-Board Member Relations




If your organization is struggling with a tough strategic issue and need help, then reach out.  All engagements begin with an initial conversation about the issue, followed by a more formal session to gather data on the organization and the issue.  From there, a proposal is drawn up detailing scope, outcomes, deliverables, pricing options and timeframes.

Pricing Drivers

Advisory Services:  Rates and pricing methods are engagement-specific and correlate to the project’s magnitude of the impact, scope and expected duration.  Recurring and retained service options are available.

Executive Coaching:  Services are provided on a term agreement, typically nine or twelve months.

Notice:  Posts on the Not for Profit, Beyond the Numbers blog are derived from my direct experiences and from learnings shared by advisory practitioners and educators.  While it is important to me to help others learn from challenges faced by my clients, I ensure that all articles, posts and podcasts are sanitized to protect the privacy of the organizations involved.